Repeat Prescriptions

How to Order Your Repeat Prescriptions

Patients on regular or long-term medications may be issued with repeat prescriptions without seeing the doctor each time. You can order these in the following ways: 

1. Download the NHS App on your phone. The NHS App enables you to see your current repeat medications and request your next batch. You will need to make account: this requires you to upload a photo ID and may take up to 48 hours to create an account. Once created it is the most efficient way to make a request

2.If your item has not been requested in the last 6 months it may need reactivating. Please contact us online with your request and  allow up to 2 working days for it to be processed.

3. If you cannot access the internet, visit your nominated local pharmacy. They will be able to request your repeat prescriptions for you. 

4. If you cannot make use of the options above, please write to us  your request to us . Allow up to 2 working days for your request to be processed.

5. To avoid errors and to reduce pressure on reception we kindly request that you do not make your request by telephone unless the request is urgent. You may need to speak to a doctor first.